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Energy Efficiency and Home Heating Options

The old “fireplace and chimney” system for central heating in Australia are a thing of the past, due to recent technological developments. With the ever-increasing use of electricity, central heating for homes is something that many homeowners are finding difficult to do without. It’s also becoming more important to own central heating, as utility companies continue to hike up the cost of power. While there are many different ways to heat a home, central heating for homes offers several advantages over other options. For instance, central heating for homes can be more energy efficient than most portable heating options.

Many central heating systems can efficiently heat more than one room at a time, which is why they’re called “central” heating. This makes them very practical for use in homes with multiple rooms that need to be heated at once. For instance, many central heating systems provide heat for all the doors and windows in a house, which means that a family doesn’t necessarily have to worry about extra space heating during the winter months. However, the cost of operating these kinds of systems can take a bite out of a homeowner’s wallet, especially if they’re used to heat multiple rooms at once.

By contrast, ducted central heating for homes utilises ductwork that is insulated to provide the best possible energy efficiency. There are two main types of ducts, depending on whether they are used to provide central air conditioning or home heating. These types of ducts are also commonly referred to as chilled air ducts or refrigeration ducts. A chilled air duct is made to run under the home and into the rooms that aren’t using central air conditioning and heating during the colder months, while a refrigeration duct runs from the main part of a building, usually outside, to rooms where hot water is needed, such as the kitchen.

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