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Ducted air conditioning systems have become increasingly popular in both domestic and commercial applications. These systems provide a cost-effective solution to cooling many of today’s modern devices without the use of expensive and unsightly air filters or open-air ducts. The systems offer many advantages including energy efficiency, improved comfort, and increased airflow to various areas of the room. It is also quieter than some other means of cooling space, such as with open-air ducts or a fan-driven system. Some ducted AC systems run on a 12-volt motor and some can operate on a battery charge.

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An exposed ducted air conditioning unit or also known as a high-voltage split air conditioning unit has an exposed exterior wall and an interior part fitted with ductwork. The two parts are usually connected by copper cables, and a series of small copper pipes that carry coolant or refrigerant to the desired areas. The exterior unit, also called the condenser, contains the compressor, and all other elements required to produce the cooling effect for heating (and cooling in the winter). The interior part, the pre-filter, is placed above the evaporator coil and usually consists of a fine mesh, activated carbon, and a layer of foam or thin film of insulation to prevent coolants from leaking into the room.

Australia has been one of the leading nations in the manufacture of ducted air conditioning systems and many people here use ducted air conditioning systems. Although this technology has been available in other countries for some time, it has only recently come on stream in large quantities here. This has made Australia one of the most popular countries in the world for installing air conditioning units and many people now choose to buy a modern system when they first move into a new house.  So, if you have your heart set on installing a ducted air conditioning system in your new home, don’t worry; it’s easier than you think. 

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