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An evaporative cooling system uses the principles of evaporation to provide cooling, unlike other systems that use vapour compression or absorption. When hot air enters a room, it is quickly absorbed into the air by evaporating water droplets on the air particles, lowering the temperature. These water droplets are channelled into a collecting reservoir which is specially designed to drain the heat away. Cool air coming in is evenly distributed through the vents it is connected to. The evaporating water droplets are what allow for the temperature of the new hot air stream to be reduced. That warm air is circulated through the entire building through vents or ducts. This system provides a natural cooling way that does not need electricity, gas, oil or coal to operate.

This system draws out the heat out of the dry air using wet filtered pads to cool and humidify it. The evaporative cooling systems’ ability to cool includes lowering of both temperatures and relative humidity. The lower the relative humidity, the cooler the air is and the less condensation occurs. In dry climates, evaporative cooling can be useful as the moisture content in the air can be as low as zero. In areas with higher humidity levels, a dehumidifier may be required to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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The evaporative cooling pads will be installed by a qualified professional using advanced techniques such as refrigerant extraction. A pad manufacturer will suggest the proper sized evaporative cooling pads to best fit your system. They will also install the pads properly, levelling the pad surface to match the dimensions of your system. All evaporative cooling pads are designed for easy installation and operation. With no maintenance needed, you will have your cooling pads up and running in no time.

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We guarantee a quote within 24-48 hours. Free onsite quotes are available.

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