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A Split System Air Conditioning Unit Is Ideal For Both the Home & Commercial Market

Split system air conditioning systems are an economical alternative to traditional air conditioning that allows you to cool and heat your home efficiently and for the smallest possible cost. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning collects air through ducts and outlets and distributes it through several rooms or even through entire buildings. These ducts are normally neatly tucked away in the ceiling cavity, walls, floors or even hidden behind closed doors. A split system air conditioning unit includes multiple (2-3) wall-mounted units that are also known as fan compressors. These units extract air using a fan that has been directed at the air intake manifold by a blower. In this split system air conditioning system, a condenser is not required and therefore, these units tend to be quite cheaper than the other kinds of split system air conditioning units.

The split system air conditioners are so designed that they can be operated on either positive or negative pressure. Therefore, you need not worry if you have central air conditioning installed in your building as there is no need to deal with a single negative pressure system. Positive pressure systems on the other hand, are best suited for cooling small areas. However, if you are dealing with very large areas, the positive systems will do a fine job. In the event that the negative units come into contact with each other, they will cause the systems to shut down because they are running on different voltage levels.

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A split system air conditioning unit is ideal for both the domestic and commercial air conditioning market. You can find them in different colours and with built-in electronic controls. If you need only one unit but you want to make it more customised, you can also choose to purchase a split system AC unit that is capable of splitting its power between two units. However, if you would like to get more cooling power, you can always go for the units that come with additional two or three parts. These units usually have a compressor that has the capacity to handle up to five fans. Also, a separate condenser is added to the other part of this system to produce chilled water.

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